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Overdraft :
An Overdraft is the ideal way to manage your cash flow. It is a fluctuating “loan” linked to a business current account and offers cash when you need it.

Business Term Loans
A Business Term Loan is a customised loan for a fixed term and is repaid over a period of up to five years with set monthly or quarterly installments.

Commercial Property Loans
This is a medium to long-term loan used to buy property for rental. It allows for release of equity from existing completed commercial property.

Vehicle and Asset Finance
Vehicle and Asset Finance offers financing under a finance lease to buy vehicles and other movable assets and equipment.

Revolving Short Term Loan
Revolving Short-Term Loan is used to buy stock for your business with pay outs usually made against invoices from suppliers.

Invoice Discounting
Invoice Discounting is short-term working capital granted to finance debtors and allows you to improve your business’ cash flow.

Trader Loans
Trader Loans provide short-term working capital support to small businesses with fast and repeat trade cycles with regular cash flows.

Agricultural Production Loan
Agricultural Production Loans are for farmers who need short-term credit to pay input costs and offers competitive interest rates.

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